Championship Position
Logan Sargeant
Alexander Albon
0 0/22
0 0/43

Season Results

1 Flag of Bahrain Bahrain Grand Prix 12th 10th 1
2 Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 16th DNF
3 Flag of Australia Australian Grand Prix 16th DNF
4 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Grand Prix 16th 12th
5 Flag of United States of America Miami Grand Prix 20th 14th
6 Flag of Monaco Monaco Grand Prix 18th 14th
7 Flag of Spain Spanish Grand Prix 16th
8 Flag of Canada Canadian Grand Prix DNF 7th 6
9 Flag of Austria Austrian Grand Prix 13th 11th
10 Flag of Britain British Grand Prix 11th 8th 4
11 Flag of Hungary Hungarian Grand Prix 18th 11th
12 Flag of Belgium Belgian Grand Prix 17th 14th
13 Flag of Netherlands Dutch Grand Prix DNF 8th 4
14 Flag of Italy Italian Grand Prix 13th 7th 6
15 Flag of Singapore Singapore Grand Prix 14th 11th
16 Flag of Japan Japanese Grand Prix DNF DNF
17 Flag of Qatar Qatar Grand Prix DNF 13th 2
18 Flag of United States of America United States Grand Prix 10th 9th 3
19 Flag of Mexico Mexico Grand Prix 16th 9th 2
20 Flag of Brazil São Paulo Grand Prix 11th DNF
21 Flag of United States of America Las Vegas Grand Prix 16th 12th
22 Flag of United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 16th 14th
Championship: 7th 1 27 28